What’s Going On: June!

Konnichi-howza, everyone? I haven't updated my entries here in a while! I hope you've all been well! Things have been busy in the past few months, so I've skipped a few entries! There have been some new developments, mostly in the content creation department. I'll be getting to that in a few. To start with,… Continue reading What’s Going On: June!

What’s Going On: January!

Ohayou-doing! Konnichi-howza! Konban-what's up?! January 2021, and... .. I've completely underestimated my messy backlog haha! I've started to upload my vtuber videos in the past couple of months. This month, I've done my customary New Year greetings, but I have been neck-up with IRL things that I haven't uploaded anything in the first couple of… Continue reading What’s Going On: January!