The Gallery is UP!

Hello, hello!

It’s another new week and I’ve made some additions here! My small gallery is up for you guys to view! For now, they’re a mix of old and new work – the new ones being webtoons.

There is a link for you guys to read them on Webtoons. I hope you enjoy reading! Let me know what you think, I always keep an ear out for feedback. ^^

I am a little swamped with a few commissions and deadlines. But to give you guys a heads-up, I will soon be adding my Youtube links, too!

Until the next update! Stay outta trouble!
– TK

Getting Ready!

I’ve been slowly getting busy these days, but I’m doing my best to work on a regular schedule.

Now that I have transitioned into full-time artist, I will have more time to make adjustments and write content. ^^

As you can see, this website still needs some work. There’s still plenty of blanks and content to be polished.

New sections will be added little by little. Soon, visitors will be able to view different galleries and collaborations with other artists and writers!

I hope I will be able to launch my new art channel, too! For now, what do you think of the intro? Do you like it?

– TK

WordPress Launched!

What’s going on: June 2020

Hello, hello! It’s TK!

I hope all of you have been doing great and keeping safe.

You guys know I’ve been here, there and, well, everywhere in the past years. I haven’t had the time to sit down and actually make an honest-to-goodness “official” website where you can find all my project updates in one place.

Sorry it’s taken forever!

So here I am!

Kiseki Kojin will officially start pushing updates on this site. As you can see, I’ve added a gallery and integrated my social media on the sidebar so you guys can keep track of what’s happening all over!

I will be talking about my current projects in the coming weeks and will be posting about goodies that you guys might be interested in for the second half of 2020.

Now I know things have been really tough for us, and we all need some really lighthearted content, too! I hope I can help cheer you guys up as well!

Please look forward to my next updates! Laters!